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BUBBLE CANDLES MATERIAL: The bubble candle made of natural soy wax.each bubble candles weight is around 5.5oz, shaped candles cotton wicks design, aesthetic candle safe and secure, candle set plant derived essential oils, aesthetic candles fresh and floral, bubble cube candle with even aroma

UNIQUE DESIGN:The candles aesthetic parcel come with 2PCS candle, trendy candles cube design, cute candles aesthetic unique and cute, bubble candle set portable

SHAPED CANDLE SIZE:funky candles decor size is 2.36inch,each decor candles can burn.

FUN CANDLE WHITE COLOR:candle aesthetic is White with vanilla scent, scented candles fresh and natural

CANDLES FOR HOME SCENTED:home decoration, fresh air, wedding, anniversary.trendy room decor,aesthetic room decor,pastel room decor,room decorations,perfect candle gift set for your parents,friends gift,birthday party gift,child gift,mother's day gifts,father's day gift,wedding gift and so on.

Swapna 2PCS TandomBubble Candle Aromatherapy Candle Shaped Candles Handmade Cube

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