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🎍Candle-Set: The scented candles gift set includes 5 packs of different scents: Opulent Rose Elixir, Aurora Essence, Lavender Dream, Enchanted Nights, and Harmony Haven. Each scented candle gives off a peaceful and pleasant scent, lighting candles for home scented wherever you need it, scented candles can calm the mind after a tiring day!

Scented-Candles: Using natural soy wax, distilled essential oil, and lead-free cotton wick, this aromatherapy candle does not contain harmful chemicals or additives, burns cleanly and evenly, ideal for meditation, yoga, dance, body relaxation, and stress relief.

🔮Super Long Scented: 1.5 oz per scented candle can last approximately 4 hours, candles for home scented can be used for 20 hours, and using scented candles during yoga, bathing or sleeping will bring you into a peaceful meditative state which brings you maximized relaxation to the body, candles for home scented can quickly turn home into a romantic garden!

SWAPNA | Scented Homemade Candles (Set of 5)

SKU: combo_set_5_1.5oz
    • Opulent Rose Elixir: Elegance, Romance, Serenity, Indulgence, Transformation
    • Harmony Haven: Tranquility, Serenity, Enchantment, Blissful, Escape
    • Lavender Dream: Relaxation, Serenity, Coziness, Comfort, Blissful
    • Aurora Essence: Uplifting, Sophistication, Coziness, Balance, Opulence
    • Enchanted Nights: Intrigue, Sensuality, Enchantment, Relaxation, Escapism
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