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 A very fitting Birthday gift. May this unique candle with real sprinkles inside the light up your loved one's life with smiles and good smells! 

The front label has two main sections to customize by you.

1. Title: For example, Happy Birthday, Happy 10th Birthday, or your own creation.

2. Description: Your custom wish (120 character limit)


Flavors Available:

Fressia Pear Bouquet: Experience the captivating allure of the "Fressia Pear Bouquet" candle, where delicate Freesia petals intertwine with the succulent sweetness of juicy Pear, creating a harmonious and blissful aroma that fills your home with the essence of a spring garden in full bloom, enhanced by hints of soft musk and earthy undertones for a truly enchanting sensory experience.

Bluebell: Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of the "Bluebell Delight" candle, where the delicate and ethereal scent of Bluebells dances through the air, evoking the tranquility of a serene forest glade adorned with these charming blossoms. Let the soft, floral notes transport you to a realm of natural beauty, embracing your senses with a soothing and refreshing bouquet that lingers gently, promising moments of peaceful reflection and joy.

Morning Mist: Awaken your senses with the evocative "Morning Mist" candle, a captivating blend that encapsulates the essence of a tranquil morning awakening in nature. Feel the gentle touch of misty droplets in the air as the delicate floral notes of blooming flowers intertwine with the crispness of dew-kissed leaves. Let this invigorating aroma rejuvenate your space, infusing it with a sense of calmness and purity, as you embrace the promise of a new day with a heart full of optimism and serenity.
Encounter: Embrace the alluring allure of the "Encounter" candle, where mystery and passion intertwine in a mesmerizing fusion. Let the enchanting blend of seductive spices and velvety floral undertones ignite your senses, creating an ambiance of intrigue and sensuality. Lose yourself in the captivating aroma, evoking memories of clandestine rendezvous and unforgettable moments, as this enticing scent kindles the flames of desire and leaves a lasting impression of a truly unforgettable encounter.

Custom Birthday Candle | 7 oz

SKU: custom_birthday_1
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